International fashion proprietor and house music DJ Sascha Gerecht has been exceeding expectations at every turn since he first blasted on to the European club scene over a decade and half ago.

For more than 15 years, the enigmatic entrepreneur reigned over the night life in southern Germany, owning and operating such legendary night clubs as N-Pir and P Club.

But it was after visiting Los Angeles in the mid 2000’s, that Sascha finally felt at “home”. His business instincts and instant love affair with the City of Angels commanded that he immediately set up a N. American entertainment and fashion office in the heart of Hollywood. That office (and mega Flagship retail store) is now HQ to the exploding and celebrity adored fashion brand Rockstars & Angels. Made with love in LA, and available throughout the world, Rockstars & Angels is the heartbeat of the Sascha Gerecht empire.

Recently, Mr. Gerechts first love, music, has taken center stage. His DJ / Pop music project, LA Hero, has signed internationally to Sony Recordings. LA Hero is set to release its first single Drinks Up in early 2014, with the release of a full length not far behind.

And just as his organization was about to take a breather and enjoy the many successes of the last 5 years, October brought Television knocking. Indeed, Sascha just signed a deal with Bravo Entertainment & Core Media to star in a reality tv show to air in the US on The Bravo Channel in Summer 2014. Principle photography for the show begins late January.

It’s been quite a journey thus far for the German kid who loved hollywood, Michael Jackson records, and Sly Stallone movies. And now with partners like Sony and Bravo, it’s likely that kids around the world are going to love Sascha.

Stay tuned, all you need to know is that the Sascha Gerecht company motto is “never boring”. You can say that again.